Little Scissors Marketing

Little Scissors Marketing and Advertising

Little Scissors target market is parent who wants to easily and conveniently give their kids a fun and comfortable haircut experience. The target area should be within a five-mile radius, which should include 60,000 kids under the age of 13 years. Instead of a traditional means of communicating services through newspaper, radio, and television, Little Scissors should be promoted more on a grass root level. Below is a list of ways to promote Little Scissors.

The idea is that as Little Scissors becomes part of the community, less and less promotions will be necessary, and word-of-month will take over as the main way of getting new customers:

Flyers: Work the area with flyers on mini-vans, houses with bikes outside, younger housing developments with a high young population.

Business Trade: In trade for displaying other kids oriented business their information, ask them to display Little Scissors information. Business like swim, dance, gym, skating, and many other organizations and schools made for children would be good ad trading partners.

Free Cuts: offer a free hair cut in elementary school funding events, offer it as a price in company contests, rewards and so on.

Kids pamphlets: Put small ads in promotional flyers/pamphlets that circulates where all the kids gather.

Grown-up hair trade: Agree to Ďtalk upí other salons for grown-ups in return for them sending kids your way.

Signs: Signs on main intersection and side roads pointing to Little Scissors. Take advantage of location with heavy traffic areas. Make sure every one driving by see and know what Littler Scissors is. Make it attractive.

Referrals: Provide customers information they can pass along to friends. One of parentís favorite past time is to talk about kids experiences. Give them a great experience to talk about, and their friends will soon follow.

After you get new customers, the next step is to make sure they come back and bring friends. In addition to making it a great experience and a great price, here are some other ideas to make sure they come back:

First Haircut: Diploma of first hair cut with bag of hair.

Free picture: Offer Picture to be sent by mail so Little haircuts can collect addresses for future promotions.

Give Something extra: ponytail, ribbon, glitter, tattoo etc,

Package Deal: Offer a package of 5 haircuts for the price of 4.

Random Color
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