Little Scissors Features

Information about Little Scissors Features

Recession-resistant: Everyone needs a haircut and Little Scissors would prevail in a recession.

High Repeat Business: Conveniently located and fun means instantaneous customer loyalty. Little Scissors will assure that customers will keep coming back for haircuts. Loyal customers translate into Word-of-mouth advertising, the best marketing tool in any business.

Franchise Expansion: Little Scissors is a brand new fully designed business that lends itself to becoming a successful nationwide Franchise.

Diversified business: In addition to selling haircuts, it is also possible to get additional income by selling hair products, promotional toys, and hosting hair/makeup parties.

Hands-off Business: After hiring the initial employees to run the store, very little effort is needed to operate and maintain the business on a daily basis.

Environment: Little Scissors will offer a great service: an enjoyable fun atmosphere for the kids and their parent, a place kids will look forward to instead of dreading, all at a reasonable price. Little Scissors is designed to make the kidsí haircut enjoyable and the parentsí experience relaxing.

Untapped Market: This is a niche within the hair salon industry that has not gotten much attention yet. This is an opportunity to be one of the first.

Niche: Focus on kids. Transforming a boring, dreaded task of taking your kids to get a haircut into a fun, exciting event the kids want.

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